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Don’t Be Such a Pain in the Butt

Or needle in the spine – whatever – either way it hurts!  So the second caudal epidural was two weeks ago today.  I did get some pain relief from this one – just not as much as the first injection.  Also, it seems that the injection site right above my tail bone hurt for a much longer time.  Maybe it was because the two injections were so close to one another…. who knows – I only play a doctor on tv.

I went to see my neurologist who was a bit disappointed that I did not get more pain relief – as was I – especially for the $200 co-pay.  He took the time, sat and listened to how my pain effects my life and the triggers that bring it on.  When I told he about my current employment status he seemed to think this may help narrow down some of symptoms.  Maybe even get more relief since I am not stressed out and able to lay down when needed.  We shall see about that….

I got one of the meds doubled to see if that helps more and I am on my own for three months!  He made sure to tell me I can always call – but we are both hopeful things are going to be better – FINALLY!  It still hurts but it isn’t as bad – and I will take what I can get!  Endometrisos is still a monkey on my back – but at least he is not as big and and a bit cuter now!

Band Aid Butt Crack

This morning, very early in the morning, my husband and I arrived at the surgery center to have my caudal epidural with steroids. Did I mention it was early? Dark early? And did I also mention that I did not have any coffee or pain medication? Yep, you guessed it – I was completely miserable. And panicky.

It was the day – the day I received my self appointed Indian name – Princess Panic Pants. It is also the day I got to begin a new treatment to end my pain. To get to this new hope, there us just one thing standing in my way:


Yes, I had talked to all my “had a baby” friends and was reassured countless times that it was nothing to worry about. Of course all my friends had bundles of joy on the other side of the needle. I just had what could be my last big – not doped up – chance to be pain free. This idea made me feel like Princess Panic Pants too!

So, here I am, sitting in in a little curtained room, waiting for time to go “under the needle”. I had an IV line waiting for my “conscious sedation” drugs. I had my “make sure you tie in the back” gigantic gown on. I had my fancy, blue surgery cap on. And most noticeably, I had two shaky hands clamped together so tightly they were leaving nail marks on each other. Yep, I was totally ready.

After an eternity of curtained solitude, I was summoned to… The Needle Room. The sweet nurse walked me in and directed me to get on a table with my tummy of a big fluffy pillow. And then, the gown was parted and gentle, cold hands pull down my panties to my knees. You guessed – naked fanny pointed up for all the world to see.

Where was that conscious sedation!?!?!

Ah, there it is and everything slowed down, but I didn’t care.

“is the sedation on board?”

“yes, doctor.”

“Ok, here we go… Cold cleaner, it will dry quickly… Now you are going to feel some bee stings. Now you may start to feel some pressure…”

Pressure was an understatement! That thought must have been clearly grimaced on my face because one of the nurses leaned down to my ear and said “count to 15 and it will be over – and she was right. It. Was. Over… Kinda. Oh yea, caudal is the area right above your tailbone.

My naked fanny was still pointed to the sky. And apparently there was some, ah, blood clean up on aisle crack. And it took f.o.r.e.v.e.r. After that – I got a gauze laden band aid, on my butt crack. Wow. That is the last thing I thought would happen on this operating room – laughable!

Fast forward to 10 hours later. Here I am, I am fairly uncomfortable and I know have to wait to know if it worked. I started laughing because I remembered I have a butt crack band aide I can’t reach that has to come off tomorrow morning….

“Hey sweetpea….?”