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Three for Thursdays! 09.08.11

It’s Three for Thursday time! I missed last Thursday because I was so nervous about by epidural! So I thought I would highlight the happy since that procedure.

#1 – I spent the day after the procedure knitting – SITTING and knitting – for hours! Not only was I sitting upright without massive, constant pain but I could actually concentrate on knitting, it was wonderful! I am actually optimistic enough to sign up for a knitting class at the end of the month.

#2 – Out of 3 work days, I have had 2 very good, low pain days at the office. The is just amazing to me! I am hoping for this to be a continual trend.

#3 – Since the epidural, I have not once had watery eyes due to pain. Instead, I have had several occasions of leaky eyes due to realizing that I am NOT in agonizing pain.

I am happy, thankful and most importantly – hopeful. So happy to have some hope for a change… I am just about ready to kick up my heals, just about…



Three for Thursday 8.25.2011

This one is going to be quick – just so we don’t dwell on the negative. This week are three things I could totally do with out.

#1 – Endometriosis and all of it’s associated pain. It really just complicates just about every part of my life.

#2 – The IRS. I really don’t think I have to go any further then that one.

#3 – Nervous anticipation for doctor’s appointments. How many times do I have to say “it still hurts”. What part of “I can’t sit for more then 1/2 hour” is unclear? Do I have to break down in sobbing, hysterical tears to get my point across? Not to mention seeing my favorite nurses & office staff!

On the bright side, tomorrow is Friday, football season is around the corner and Irene is not pointing at my town.


Three for Thursday! 8.18.2011

OK, here is a Three for Thursday I can get behind! And I guess also increase my behind at the same time. This week it is about my favorite sweet treats. Everyone needs a treat now and then.

  1. Tootsie Rolls – I really, really LOVE tootsie rolls. They are so wonderful and a fat free food to boot! Let’s just say that I have had a long love affair with these little babies. They have also had an enabler – my father – he has cultured my love throughout the years. As some college grads have experienced, I found myself stuck and having to live with my parents for a bit. My dad’s way to make it all better = 10 lb bag of Tootsie Rolls. It helped easy the pain, a lot (add some whiskey it took away everything).
  2. Turtles – Chocolate, caramel and pecans? SIGN ME UP! My mom started me on these when we moved to Atlanta as I was about to start high school. I was a Goo Goo Cluster girl until that time – but they did not have them in the South – what the HELL! My husband now knows my secret lust for these treats – I must have had a turtle a day when I was recovering from my hysterectomy. Chocolate does have healing powers
  3. ALL the rest of the Chocolate – Yep, I have never met a chocolate I didn’t like – I just like some more than others…. Snow-caps, snickers, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate with chili, chocolate covered coffee beans, CHOCOLATE & BACON (yum!), 5th avenue bars, baby ruths – seriously I could keep going! I really do love my chocolate.
This Three for Thursday has a dark side – you all know where I am going… For really the first time in my life I have to watch my weight. I have never backed on pounds like I have in the last year – but I have done it. So while I peruse the yummy candys, I have a date daily – with – “The Terminator of Yummy Food”. (picture below)

Three for Thursday! 08.11.2011

This week I will share with your three of my contastant companions that got me through my hysterectomy recovery.  Let me just say that of course my wonderful husband was my knight in yada yada – but he had some helpers that made me smile.  In order of age we have:

#1 – Echo, Physician’s Assistant.  He not only had luminescent, x-ray eyes,  but he was with me constantly  Pictured here during a late night bed check.

#2 – Peanut Puppy, Nurse Maid and alerter to danger, both real and imagined.   Nurse maiding is hard work per the pix.

#3 – Lucky No. 13, heating pad heater.  They can’t take care of themselves.

I know that people may make fun of me and others that have such love for their animals – but they are part of my family.  Not only has their companionship gotten me through my surgical recoveries – but also the knowledge that I will not birth my own children.  These are my furry kids, I love them for everything they are and everything they can not be.  They make me smile, laugh and love things that are beyond themselves.

They are my Three for Thursday this week and everyday!

Three for Thursdays – My Favorites

#1 – My Husband He is for sure my #1 favorite of any “favorites” list.  I honestly don’t know how his patience has not evaporated during this whole endometriosis/hysterectomy/mood swing/constant pain thing.   I am lucky he found me!

#2 – Pain Free Moment  Every so often, there will be a moment that I do not hurt.  It may be that the tramadol just kicked in or that I am positioned a certain way to not anger what ever nerve/endo issues are going on.  At first it is a weird sensation like I forgot something – or there is something wrong.  You get accustomed to the pain that you feel the void of its absence.   In that one moment I am so happy – and I am normal again.  I wish I had a lot more of these moments.

#3 – Air Conditioning/De-humidifier  Holy Crap has it been hot the last couple of days.  And it isn’t just the heat but the humidity as well.   When I walked out to my car this morning I thought I was in Cambodia.  I don’t know if other surgery induced menopause ladies have it happen – but if I get too hot it will kick off a hot flash.  So today air conditioners and de-humidifiers make the list!

What are your Favorites??