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Three for Thursday! 8.18.2011

OK, here is a Three for Thursday I can get behind! And I guess also increase my behind at the same time. This week it is about my favorite sweet treats. Everyone needs a treat now and then.

  1. Tootsie Rolls – I really, really LOVE tootsie rolls. They are so wonderful and a fat free food to boot! Let’s just say that I have had a long love affair with these little babies. They have also had an enabler – my father – he has cultured my love throughout the years. As some college grads have experienced, I found myself stuck and having to live with my parents for a bit. My dad’s way to make it all better = 10 lb bag of Tootsie Rolls. It helped easy the pain, a lot (add some whiskey it took away everything).
  2. Turtles – Chocolate, caramel and pecans? SIGN ME UP! My mom started me on these when we moved to Atlanta as I was about to start high school. I was a Goo Goo Cluster girl until that time – but they did not have them in the South – what the HELL! My husband now knows my secret lust for these treats – I must have had a turtle a day when I was recovering from my hysterectomy. Chocolate does have healing powers
  3. ALL the rest of the Chocolate – Yep, I have never met a chocolate I didn’t like – I just like some more than others…. Snow-caps, snickers, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate with chili, chocolate covered coffee beans, CHOCOLATE & BACON (yum!), 5th avenue bars, baby ruths – seriously I could keep going! I really do love my chocolate.
This Three for Thursday has a dark side – you all know where I am going… For really the first time in my life I have to watch my weight. I have never backed on pounds like I have in the last year – but I have done it. So while I peruse the yummy candys, I have a date daily – with – “The Terminator of Yummy Food”. (picture below)

Know when to Say “when”

Worst. Pizza. Cutting. Ever


Three for Thursdays 07.21.2011

#1 – Mackin’ Cheese from local restaurant Food Glorious Food.

This was such a yummy lunch treat today! This is a new twist on your mac & cheese favorite! It is spiral pasta with BACON, collared greens and 4 kinds of cheese – including asiago cheese. When I saw it on the menu I was only thinking for a comfort food. As you can see, I got that and a WHOLE lot more thus making it my #1 for this Thursday’s favorites. Just thing this – if pasta and bacon were to have a one night stand on a bed of collared greens – THIS would be the resulting love child. SO GOOD!

#2 – Possible End to the NFL Lockout

I may be a girl – but I still enjoy football! I lived outside Detroit as a little girl and my first sporting event was a Lion’s game…. I have been hooked since. I like to watch the NFL channel because I know what I am going to get; football, and that’s it. There is not going to be any murders, kidnapping, hostages, stock market plunges – just football. But I am ready to start hearing about the 2011 season! So the possible end to the lock out today makes me a happy camper!

#3 – Realizing tomorrow is FRIDAY!

I literally just realized tomorrow is Friday! It has been seemingly extra long week for me. Monday I dropped and broke several bowls on separate occasions for no apparent reason. Of course this “drops” resulted in messes that needed to be cleaned up. While I do have the world’s best husband who was going to take care of it I still felt the need to help – which led me to crawling around and my hands and knees. Clearly, this was not a good idea considering I spent Tuesday in agonizing pain and have not been able to sleep well since. Endometriosis truly is a pain! My big plans for the weekend = resting!

Comfort Food Fixes

Comfort food fixes just about anything!  I learned fairly quickly that living with endometriosis is tricky.  There are good days and there can be really, really bad days.  Today was in between the two.

I was switched from Neurontin to Lyrica at my recent visit to the neurologist.  He believes that I have a form of neuropathy due to the scar tissue from the endo.

The switch has made for an uncomfortable weekend and the abundance of clouds and thunderstorms this afternoon did nothing for my motivation.  I decided the only way to salvage Sunday was comfort food!

Below is our dinner; meatloaf and corn casserole (thanks Allie).  It was super good and now it is time to curl up with the furry babies.