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What’s Grosser Than Gross?

So its Tuesday, pain is fairly bad still. So bad in fact that I was sick today.

I was at work, had my lunch –> then lost my lunch.

My earlier question you ask? It’s a two parter:

#1. being sick in an office rest room (gross).
#2. necklace getting stuck under office rest room toilet seat (grosser).

You’re welcome.



Citrus Labels, Interesting, eh?

Had a more enjoyable weekend than I was expecting. Since I have “made” it to the full dosage of the Lyrica (for neuropathy from endometriosis scaring) I have been a little, lets say – Off. And that is putting it nicely. Friday was a very difficult day to get through with being “off” and exhausted from lack of sleep. I immediately napped after my work day was done.

Saturday starting off with the norm and thought I was in for a day at home. Once my hubby got up I decided I was feeling up enough to venture out for coffee and bagels. During our fine dining we decided to go check out a local museum down town that we like to visit (and is FREE). They usually have a “visiting” exhibit and even if you have seen it – there is always a little something you come across that is “new to you”.

My new to me find was the old Florida citrus labels. I had walked through this room a handful of times – but on this day there was just something captivating about all the different labels on the front of museum backlit boxes. Today – they were bright and colorful and told me lots about the state of Florida’s citrus production history.

  • Did you know they had a box press that would squeeze shut the over packed orange boxes? Apparently different groves would try to “out do” the other by overstuffing boxes. I got the see the nifty press they used – but never found an explanation why they did this.
  • Did you know that German POWs were kept in Central Florida during World War II? Yep, they were – and they were also used to pick fruit in the citrus fields.
  • Did you know that key lime trees are more of a bush and not a tree like other limes? You can also grew them easily on your patio and in the Florida Keys you can not “throw a stone with out hitting one”.

I learned this and a whole lot more. It was a load of fun to go through the museum with my husband and discover all the beautiful citrus labels and the Florida History with them. But my most important discovery on Saturday was not the labels – but how much this simple time spent with my husband means to me.

2010 is mainly a blur to me. Two surgeries and a startling, terrifying diagnosis and a whole bunch of pain and hospital bills. Endometriosis has taken a lot from me and my husband. It was nice to take a day back and look past the pain and enjoy just being and enjoy being with the man I love.

I suggest you go find your own citrus labels, find something wonderful that is “new to you”.


Mermaid Tears

My neurologist recently changed my nerve pain medicine from Neurontin to Lyrica. The good news is that it should hopefully be better though. more expensive. The bad news, I went from a full dose of nerve pain meds to a 1/4 dose. Needless to say the past few days have been zero to negative fun and have seen the need to increase the Tramadol.

This weekend has been a slow one… I maybe have a few hours at a time to do something. Due to the time constraint limitations, I decided to do a little something for me = pedicure time to brighten a painful, rainy Saturday.

Since I had my hysterectomy surgery and subsequent neuropathy, bending over to “do” my toe nails hurts – a lot. I try to think of going for pedicures as this wonderful bonus I have gained since my surgeries and loss of my girlie bits.

So while perusing the wall of nail polish I fall in love with wonderful color called Mermaid Tears. Now not only am I being drawl to this soft, sea form teal but it’s name. Mermaid tears – there is something about this name that just has hold of me for some reason.  It keeps sending off a buzz to my brain while I stare at the nail polish in my hand.  Not only most I have these mermaid tears on my toes – but now my finger nails too!  Once the pedicurist is at the finishing point, I ask if they have a bottle of this polish for sale – and they do!

It finally came to me that a mermaid crying is so intriguing to my imagination because it so beautifully tragic. It parallels where I feel I am right now…. This beautiful life I have have with my caring husband and this life I can not participate in due to pain. It may be sad, but still shines such beauty… Just like mermaid tears.


Three for Thursdays – My Favorites

#1 – My Husband He is for sure my #1 favorite of any “favorites” list.  I honestly don’t know how his patience has not evaporated during this whole endometriosis/hysterectomy/mood swing/constant pain thing.   I am lucky he found me!

#2 – Pain Free Moment  Every so often, there will be a moment that I do not hurt.  It may be that the tramadol just kicked in or that I am positioned a certain way to not anger what ever nerve/endo issues are going on.  At first it is a weird sensation like I forgot something – or there is something wrong.  You get accustomed to the pain that you feel the void of its absence.   In that one moment I am so happy – and I am normal again.  I wish I had a lot more of these moments.

#3 – Air Conditioning/De-humidifier  Holy Crap has it been hot the last couple of days.  And it isn’t just the heat but the humidity as well.   When I walked out to my car this morning I thought I was in Cambodia.  I don’t know if other surgery induced menopause ladies have it happen – but if I get too hot it will kick off a hot flash.  So today air conditioners and de-humidifiers make the list!

What are your Favorites??

Comfort Food Fixes

Comfort food fixes just about anything!  I learned fairly quickly that living with endometriosis is tricky.  There are good days and there can be really, really bad days.  Today was in between the two.

I was switched from Neurontin to Lyrica at my recent visit to the neurologist.  He believes that I have a form of neuropathy due to the scar tissue from the endo.

The switch has made for an uncomfortable weekend and the abundance of clouds and thunderstorms this afternoon did nothing for my motivation.  I decided the only way to salvage Sunday was comfort food!

Below is our dinner; meatloaf and corn casserole (thanks Allie).  It was super good and now it is time to curl up with the furry babies.


Saturday with My Baby

This is my Pixie. She’s my baby and always makes me laugh.  We found her through the Crossroad Shih Tzu Rescue in April this year.  Since then she has been my constant companion.  People may look down on me for treating animals like family – but in our house – they are.

Pixie had a big day!  Her first visit back to her “foster mom/family” and then a big walk around Lake Ella with her sister Peanut.  This little pup trotted 6/10ths of a mile.  Now she is crashed and I am soon to follow.