Inflammatory Post!

Below is my (edited) inflammatory post from last week.  It was only meant to describe how I felt about having to leave my job and what I saw as possibilities.  It caused so many issues it was ridiculous.  I ended up deleting numerous “friends” from my Facebook because I did not know who would use my words against me and my family.  I decided to repost an edited version to share my thoughts and what I see for my possible future.  They are my thoughts and feelings and I will not be scared to share them!

Sometimes we all need a little push to get us going in the direction we are meant to go. I had my little push last Friday (9/23) – too bad it was off a cliff. Last week I lost my job of 10 years under ridiculous circumstances. I really didn’t know how to react, yes I was very sad and upset but there was something else too, maybe it was relief.

So – I find myself unemployed. It is hard to know how to react now, I have seen friends and family go through this. They all seem to get upset, mad, vengeful, depressed. I feel almost guilty to say I am happy. I am happy I am no longer there. I am happy to not be yelled at by customers. (edited removal) I am happy to not to have to make employees mind what they say when they are upset and feel they are justified. (edited removal)  I am happy not to be trapped at a desk for 9+ hours a day – too busy to get up and go to lunch. I am happy not to come home at night and on the weekends and start working again. (edit removal) I am happy to not hear the things I was hearing and NOT hearing.

I wake up in the morning and now there is no sense of impending doom. I never knew how negatively it mad me feel. God only knows how it made my endometriosis react. While I still have pain, I am able to go lay down for 20 minutes or so until if feels better. It has not been unbearable this week – and to me that is a miracle!

My life is full of possibilities – I could go and work anywhere I want. I don’t have to go into the same field, I can go do something else! I don’t have to work behind a desk – I could go work where I actually help people and feel like I accomplish something.  (edited removal) I could get all my knitting in order and start an Etsy shop. I am free to go find me – and to do what will make me happy and keep me healthy.

(new)My husband has been absolutely wonderful during this – even when the original version of this post was “tattling fodder” and spread like wildfire.

(new) Sadly, people I thought were my friends were not – and I had to remove so many people from my contacts just to make sure.  But all of life is a learning lesson, right?

I am happy that I got my push-off a cliff – and happier that I landed on a great big mound of possibilities and happiness! When I turn to look back – that cliff was just a stumble!

8 responses to “Inflammatory Post!

  1. *hugs* I am proud of you for experiencing this as an opportunity to make a happier life.

  2. It’s sad that you felt you had to edit your words, but the sentiment of the original post comes through–sometimes we don’t understand why at the time, but in the words of the Desiderata, “everything is unfolding as it should”. ❤

  3. I read the first version, and honestly can’t imagine what you said that was so inflammatory – but hey. Best to weed out the jerk-faces now, rather than down the road, right? I think it’s great that you’re feeling so much better about things. And you’re right, sometimes it takes being pushed (off a cliff or otherwise) to realize just how unhappy you were, and how much happier you could be. Here’s to that, then. xoxo

  4. Thanks all! *hugs* all around!

  5. The last version wasn’t even bad but I’m glad you’re still able to voice how you feel. That should never be suppressed. Hugs to you! 🙂

  6. You are a great person, and I know the future holds bright things for you. As for the ‘friends’ you thought you had, it’s their loss, mho.

  7. I like it!, wish I and read the first one with “fighting words”. so called “Friends” can become “dead wood” and life like a forrest is trimmed, sometimes by flood or fire. The trees or friends that are left standing are the best ones to have, they are strong, bend with the wind, offer shelter in storms and stand tall beside you as go on.

  8. I was wondering why the other post had disappeared. I had tried to comment then. Go You for taking a positive approach to this change! And for all the people that were your alleged “friends,” you are so much better off without those types of people in your life! You don’t need those people or any drama – I think you’ve got more than enough on your plate! And, I’m just shocked that people would start drama up like that for no reason!

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