The ‘This Is It’ ride

I found the perfect used bike this weekend, actually, my husband found it. I was able to pick it up during lunch yesterday and I was so excited! Every so often, I would stroll over to look out the window to see it all shiny in the sunshine hooked to the back of my car (don’t tell my boss).

I was going for a bike ride! I kept thinking how THIS IS IT! This is me starting to take my body back. This is me getting in shape and shedding some of my 30 lbs I “found” this year. This is me getting to spend time with my husband doing something he enjoys doing. This is me taking my life back from endometriosis!

As the day went on my discomfort turned for the worse. The longer I worked, the more my pain increased. It became clear that my “this is it” bike ride was not going to happen. It’s ok – I have to listen to my body and all that. I was disappointed but all the pain distracted me from it.

I am happy to say that I got my “this is it” bike ride this evening. I went for a 3/4 mile bike ride with my husband. We went just down the hill to a large grave yard by our house. We figured this would allow me to get used to this bike’s gears, adjust the seat, things along that line.

It immediately become clear why this ride was off public roads. The “this is it” ride quickly turned into: this girl has no balance, this girl has issues steering, this girl can not talk and stay on the trail and this girl gets distracted easily and turns towards where she is looking. Lastly, this girl still has endometriosis and can only do what my body will allow.

My bike ride did not turn out how I wanted, but it did happened. And it will happen again tomorrow and every other day I can climb onto that bike and peddle!

I may have to live with endo but I will take my life back.


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