Words Hurt pt. 2 – or How Ridiculous People Are

So the the day has been mainly wonderful!  I have been able to do much more than I have been in such a long time.  I actually got to go to my favorite yarn shop and SIT and knit for hours.  I honestly have no memory of the last time I was able to do this.  Granted there is still pain – but there seems to be a muzzle on the rabid beast.

I am trying not to get too excited, because I do not want to be crushed if it comes back.  So, for the time being we are at status Cautiously and Hopefully Optimistic.   (with all fingers and toes crossed; turning at sunrise 3 times west then 4 times east finishing by hopping backwards on one foot).

It was a big day.  I am proud of myself, I am proud of my husband for still loving me, I am proud of my doctors (except for the part when they left me fanny naked up for way too long) – HELL I am proud of my furry babies for being so cute and cuddly.

I came home after my big day and napped.  I didn’t want to push it.  I will do what have done for the last year and half and take it easy tonight,  This entails dinner at home. laying horizontal, maybe paint my nails and watching other people living their lives through the social media(s).

So – I was commenting on a friend/co-workers photo of his cat.  The comments went something like this:

Me: “That is a happy cat”
Friend: “She is getting her tummy scratched”
Me: “Some ladies really like that”

AND this is where is gets ridiculous… And this also shows how brave the ignorant, immature and hateful can become behind a computer …

Errant Asshole: “Some Ladies aren’t even ladies because they had all their reproductive parts taken out”
Me: “Wow, that’s mature.  At least I have more balls then you”

I mean – what are you to say about that?  It is an obviously disgruntled formal employee dismissed from his position by another manager.  He just happens to have a wide aim on his hatred gun.  Usually my friends who are still in touch with him remove these kind of posts quickly.  I know I should have let this one go – but I had to FIGHT LIKE A GIRL on this one for all my hyster sisters.

It is funny that people – but not surprising men – do not get that we are more then walking tits with reproductive organs tucked inside.  There.  It’s said.

And come ON – I was commenting on a freaking CAT PICTURE!  Let me know if you want to step in the ring 😉


7 responses to “Words Hurt pt. 2 – or How Ridiculous People Are

  1. Socially Dysfunctional

    Not that I’m condoning his behavior (as I know who you’re referencing), but he’s like that– He’s always been like that, even before he started at your place of employment. He does it to get rises out of people, he does it to mess with them, he does it to annoy them, he just is, and the only way is to abuse him back. He only knows and respects negative attention; I don’t think it’s done out of hate, it’s just who he is. Frankly, he’s a troll, on and off the internet.

    Is he disgruntled about the job? He’s probably to a degree, but he’s moved on, going to school and what not, so I doubt that he’s *that* disgruntled. But what do I know?

    At any rate, I wouldn’t take ANYTHING he says seriously, because it’s what he does, to friends, coworkers, acquaintances. It’s just him.

    • Thank you for the levity. While that is true and also true it did get a rise out of me at first, it just hit me – it was so ridiculous! I even LOLed.

      Hope kitty was not too upset my the comments. I believe she is one my hyster sister too 😉

  2. OMG! What is wrong with people, seriously? I’ll jump in the ring with you! And I LOVE your comment about having more balls than him. So true! What a dumbass.

    • So people are just a holes, what can you say? When a comment comes from an idiot like that, it loses it sting. Those people get their come-up-ings at some point.

      • See “laughing racist.” Some stand-up comedian I can’t specifically recall atm did a bit on that. To summarize: there are racist, misogynist, or otherwise bigoted people out there who constantly make insulting comments–but, somehow, socially get a free pass. The excuse? “That’s just how he is.” Or “He’s not serious! He’s just joking.”

        I’ve had a few people in or peripherally in my life who met this description. I don’t think the onus is on you to not let it bother you. I think that’s a counterproductive attitude that let’s an asshole get away with being an asshole.

        The assumption that you objecting to it is somehow equivalent to you obsessing over it (letting it rule your life and being unable to ever move past it) is as, if not more, ridiculous as the original statement.

        Let’s call a spade a spade, regardless of our ability to move on with our lives as socially functional humans and regardless of our faith in their eventual karmic reward.

      • Thankfully, this person I’d not in my day to to day life. And it’s true – an ass hole is an ass hole. It amazes me that people would want him in their life.

        I love my friends for who and how they are, but I will not make excuses for their behavior. I refuse to have people as friends who aren’t supportive and kind. We all have our “moments” but if it is your M.O. – you are getting kicked to the curb.

  3. Such a great attitude and so true…karma is a b*tch!

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