It’s a “Little” Surgery

This will be short … I just hurt too badly tonight. I went pain management this morning and met my newest doctor.

Long story short – he did a bunch of tests then started pushing around in my ouchie area. At one point he was pushing his palm so hard on it I thought he was trying to push through to the exam table under me.

He said: pelvic pain is hard to treat. Pelvic pain associated with endometriosis is even more difficult.

I thought: no shit Sherlock

I said: I’ve noticed

So, Friday we are trying nerve blocks. It’s just a “little” surgery. It will be Caudal Epidural Steroid injections.

Don’t be jealous!



2 responses to “It’s a “Little” Surgery

  1. LOVE your blog! I am fearful that my only option at this point is to move on to pain management. I too have pain associated with endo and reading what your doc said about treating pain associated with endo absolutely blows. I hope this provides you relief and I am totally jealous of your “little” surgery. Looking forward to reading more pages of your blog!

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