The Torture Chair

Like a lot of other people, I work in an office Monday through Friday.  Typically, I do not go to lunch, so I am at my desk for 9 or so hours a day.  Accompanying my office desk is my office chair.  It is a high end ergonomic chair that was given to me by a co-work who was relocating to another city.  It is a very, very nice chair that has lots of levers and pulls.  Why, even the arm rests can move up and down!  It is one very fancy chair.  Maybe other chairs refer to it as a “chair’s, chair”.  All who come in the office comment on my fancy chair – and I can see the envy in their eyes.  It is fancier then what the company provides.  I am lucky to have this chair, it is a dream compared to it’s chair neighbors.

What no one knows is that this chair also has a dark side.  Some may call it an evil chair.  Read if you Dare – and then decide for yourself!

After about 45 minutes the dark side starts to show itself.  First, I notice the pain in my lower, left abdomen.  Then, my lower back starts to feel like all the bones are fused together in a lead chunk.  Next, my left hip will start to hurt like someone pulled it out of socket and shoved it in side ways.  All of this builds and builds and the throbbing commences.  Pretty soon, if I don’t get up and walk around, all of it hurts so badly that I start to feel like there is lightning going down my leg!  This chair is…. The Torture Chair!  Despite its looks and fancy levers and pull it exists to torture and maim its owner – it is a true terror!  The daytime horror!

OR, I guess, that it just feels like a torture chair to me because I am trapped in it all day during the week.  Even though I get up and walk around through out the day, the pain still hits me hard and debilitating by 3 in the afternoon.  I have found that Monday is the worst day because I have been able to rest and not forced to sitwithall my upper body weight directly pushed up my “ouchie area”.  When I am at home and able to, I lay down.  It seems to be the best, most comfortable position for me.  I have been trying to figure out a go way to make this work at the office – but short of adding a chaise lounge to my shared office – it just isn’t going to happen.  In the meantime – I am forced to livewith–

The Torture CHAIRRRRrrrrrrrrrrr!

If you don’t already now – endometriosis is a torturous bitch.


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