7-1/2 Minutes + a Verbal Shake Down.

So – the call I dreaded so much…. I made it.  They picked up the phone and literally put me on hold for 7-1/2 minutes.  The hold music – so bad!  It was about 30 seconds of a Kenny G knock off that repeated…. for 7-1/2 minutes.  When they FINALLY picked up and I knew I had the right number this is how it went:

Receptionist:  Dr’s BLAH office – you need scheduling?

Me:  Hi this is Susan Lastname, DOB, ect and I am seeing Dr. So and SO.  I do not have a follow-up appoint from my last visit but I would like to make one since I am in considerable pain still and believe that there is a trigger.

Receptionist:  OK – if you need the nurse – you will have to call a different number.

Me: I would like to make an appointment and I can call the nurse if I need to when we are done scheduling.

Receptionist:  Well, the Dr is out of the office for the rest of the week – but you can come in to see one of the nurses practitioners.

Me: I do not believe that I will need to do that – its for endometriosis and neuropathy so I am already used to the pain – we just trying to diminish it.  I would just like to make an appt with the doctor please.

Receptionist: Is the doctor treating you for endometriosis here???

Me:  Yes – and the neuropathy it caused.

Receptionist: (snarky) Oh.   (scheduling annoyance and checking times back and forth)  We have you schedule for next Friday at 8:45.

Me: OK – Great – thank you for you help

Receptionist:  Sure (click)

I feel like I have been verbally shaken down and mugged for information.  Too bad she did not give her name or I might have to pass it to the doctor next week.  If you hate your job THAT much – find a new one.  Jeez – I am calling into a specialist’s office – you know that I have something bad going on.

MANNERS and COMMON COURTESY will get you far in this life – I wish more people understood that.

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