Take 2 and Call Me in the Morning

There are just some phone calls you do not want to make – even if they will lead to good things for you… I have to make one of the calls tomorrow  morning – first thing.  Well, honestly, I should have made it call this morning.  I. Just.  Didn’t.  Want. To.   Seriously – it was not going to happen once the work day started this morning.  I know I would not have the patience to get through the call(s).

Yesterday, I was in so much pain I was sitting at my desk holding back tears and trying to ignore my fuzzy vision.  I knew I just had to get home to my meds and my heating pad and then I would find some relief.  Unfortunately, the pain took quite awhile to abate.  There was a point in time I thought I would have to call for a ride to the ER for something through an IV.  Thankfully, the pain was knocked down a few notches and I could think.  I knew what did this!  I knew what caused the pain to go off the deep in….

Bending – bending is bad bad bad.  I now really know this is a huge trigger for the pain to go through the roof.  Great!  this important information for my neurologist to know.  This will help with adjustment of my meds and maybe something new to try!  This was great!  I just had to give the doctor’s office a call.  CRAP – the doctor’s office – I HATE calling the doctor’s office – any doctor’s office after the last year I have been through.

I like nurses – I really do – they have helped me out of some really tight pain jams and I love them.  I love what they have gone to school for – and what they do day in and day out.  It is something I could never do.  But it seems like all the nurses at my doctor’s offices are starting their very first day on the job with my phone call.  It usually goes like this:

  1. (Initial call) “Hi!  This is Susan I am still experiencing quite extensive pain, but I think I have found a trigger.  Oh – I can’t get in to see Dr TooBusy until the day after the Second Coming?  OK – I will take that appointment  and leave a message for the nurse… ” patiently wait and sometimes get disconnected and have to call back and then BEEP!  “Hi- this is Susan, date a birth blah, issue I am calling for, awesome revelation that I am calling to let you know about to see if it helps with my treatment.  What can I do in the mean time since I am still experiencing quite pain?  My # is blah.  Thank you!”
  2. (Return call)  Hi Susan – this is Nurse not sure what I am doing returning your call.  What were you calling about?  (ME = I repeat exactly what the message stated).   NUSRE= Oh, well let me pull your file and give you a call back.  (Keep in mind I have had 3 surgeries, several procedures and countless tests done over and over.  I am sure my file needs its own room at this point).
  3. (2nd Return Call) Hi Susan – this is Nurse not sure what I am doing again.  I pulled your file and see that you have endometriosis and neuropathy.  Are you still taking the Lyrica and Tramadol?  Ok, well, you still have pain?  (Me= repeated what I said in first conversation that was repeated from the voice mail I left).  NURSE = Oh, you are still in pain?  Ok, let  me talk to the doctor and call you back.
  4. (3rd Return Call – If I am lucky, the same day)  Hi Susan – this is Nurse not sure what I am doing returning your voice mail.  (ME = I explain we have already spoken twice and repeat for the 4th time that day what I am calling about).  NURSE = Oh, that’s right!  The doctor has already left for today.  (It’s 3pm).  I will have to call you in the morning – but in the meantime continue with your meds as normal.
  5. (4th Return Call – Close to afternoon the next day)  Hi Susan – this is Nurse not sure what I am doing again – I spoke with the Dr and wants you to come in to see you and maybe more nerve tests.  (ME= I explain when my appointment is).  NURSE = Oh that is a long time from now, let me talk to the doct…. (phone being snatched)
  6. Susan – this is Doctor blah blah – can you come in tomorrow?  Ok – see you then.
Can you see why I don’t want to make this call?  I think they should give you Valium to gear up for when you have to call them.. It is like jumping through hoops of fire when you feel like shit to get some help.  So, I can’t wait to call tomorrow morning!  Thank God tomorrow is Three for Thursday!
Take 2 and call me in the morning!


3 responses to “Take 2 and Call Me in the Morning

  1. It’s this kind of run around that makes people not want to bother with doctors. It’s sad that they put you through it 😦

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