Running the Fireball

Chronic pain, recovering from surgeries and, most likely, eek age sure does change a girl.  It wasn’t too long ago I was looking to increase my yarn stash (granted a geeky pursuit), my book stash (see aforementioned geekness), my noggin knowledge (yea geeking again) and get some fancy shoes (definitely girlie).  These were fun pursuits that always brought a smile to my face and a spring to my step.

My surgery has changed me in so many ways that it is hard to see all at once.  There are little things that just kind of sneak up on me.  Most notable of late I notice my current loves of comfortable underwear (eek – my mom!), shoes that keep me on my feet (eek – my dad!), a new vacuum (YIKES – my mom again) and shiny & loud nail polish (still definitely girlie phew).  Today I want to talk about my new vacuum – The Fireball.

I had to go looking for a new vacuum about a month ago because:

  • My vacuum stopped sucking – in the way it should at least
  • Our vacuum was not that great in the first place
  • I needed something that was easier to use since my surgery & neuropathy have made bending painful

I decided to start looking at a “local” vacuum store – shop local and all that.  I was sure that it would just be full of super nice vacuums that were more expensive then my car.  It was a payday Friday at lunch – no time like the present to go get vacuum sticker shock.  At least I may be able to pump some vacuum knowledge out of the clerk.  Of course, the second I got in the store it started pouring – big Florida “I’m going to rain for awhile” raindrops.  Now I was going to be trapped and probably hear more than I have ever cared to hear about vacuums.  But something happened two steps in – I saw him – an absolutely gorgeous, red upright.

I had to know more about this red heart stealer.  Then, the clerk introduced me to him, Fireball.  He was an upright that would work perfectly my “needs” and the hardwood floors.  That was all I needed to know – but wait – Fireball had more to offer  – IT WAS ON SALE!  Say no more!  As I paid for Fireball and walked out the door, the sun broke through the clouds as a sign of the special relationship that Fireball and I would have together.

I was back at the office – Fireball in the car – and I could not stop talking about it  to anyone that would lend an ear:

“Fireball this”

“Fireball that”

“Fireball red”

“Fireball sale”

It wasn’t long that I noticed I was talking about my new vacuum like a balding, midlife crisis man talks about his new sports car.   And then, more importantly, I realized – I DID NOT CARE!  All I could think about for the rest of the afternoon was going home and vacuuming!  Then – it was time.  I was actually going to run the Fireball….


It was the best vacuuming experience I have ever had – ever…  Fireball took me everywhere!  I could vacuum under the bed, behind the sofa, reach the dust on the crown molding – there was nothing I could not dowiththis vacuum at my side.  And the best thing – I barely had to move.  Needless to say, Fireball and I got to know each other well that first week as I vacuumed daily, and enjoyed it!

Needless to say, Fireball and I have slowed down after that new thrill diminished.  But when it is time to vacuum – I find myself standing with a sly smile on my face opening the storage closet – Its time to run the Fireball!


2 responses to “Running the Fireball

  1. This Fireball sounds great! Coming from the person who just vacuumed today and had to empty the darn container every minute. But then I don’t have to vacuum all the time so this would be great for Steve! 😉

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