Three for Thursday! 08.11.2011

This week I will share with your three of my contastant companions that got me through my hysterectomy recovery.  Let me just say that of course my wonderful husband was my knight in yada yada – but he had some helpers that made me smile.  In order of age we have:

#1 – Echo, Physician’s Assistant.  He not only had luminescent, x-ray eyes,  but he was with me constantly  Pictured here during a late night bed check.

#2 – Peanut Puppy, Nurse Maid and alerter to danger, both real and imagined.   Nurse maiding is hard work per the pix.

#3 – Lucky No. 13, heating pad heater.  They can’t take care of themselves.

I know that people may make fun of me and others that have such love for their animals – but they are part of my family.  Not only has their companionship gotten me through my surgical recoveries – but also the knowledge that I will not birth my own children.  These are my furry kids, I love them for everything they are and everything they can not be.  They make me smile, laugh and love things that are beyond themselves.

They are my Three for Thursday this week and everyday!


One response to “Three for Thursday! 08.11.2011

  1. I am one that will not make fun of you because I, too, believe our furry friends are family members and I love our furballs very much.

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