Yes, I am Going There

A year ago next month I had my complete abdominal hysterectomy. Not only have I enjoyed all the fun aspects of having surgical menopause, healing from major surgery and the wonders of healing a herniated scar BUT I have also had one added joy…

The joy of not having one single pair of underwear that fit – at all!

We are not talking, well you are healing – or – your body is changing and you will have to buy another size – not fitting. I am talking about not finding NEW OR OLD panties that fit comfortably. It has gotten so serious I was considering going commando – and in the words of my mother; “A lady does not do that…”. PLUS it would drive me insane because I would always worry my dress or skirt would blow up and I will be there – with all my goods in plain sight for the entire viewing public to mock.

The major issues facing me:

  1. Massive horizontal scar on tummy from surgery that is totally hideous and painful and right in the “elastic zone”
  2. Panties that gradually slip down my hips throughout the day that I fear will end up at my ankles (see fear realised below in photo).
  3. Panties that go directly up my bum and make me think about them all day long and how it is not “lady like” to go “on a dig” in the middle of the office.
  4. GRANNY PANTIES! I just can not do it. I know they would solve all the problems but I already feel ugly, fat and undesirable.

So, once I was healed and able to head out on my own I was shopping for panties – A LOT. I swear, I have purchased no less than 15 different styles of underwear trying to find something that would work. It had gotten so bad I was actually considering getting thongs. Just the thought scars me – it is the whole wind blowing my skirt/dress nightmare all over again! I would just be throwing some lace over some parts….

My obstacles to overcome:

  1. I had to think outside the box – the Victoria’s Secret box that is. They do not have anything that coves the ample back region I now own
  2. I am 40 – I need to shop were more grown ups shop. The VS models are 14 and have bigger boobs than me because of all the hormones in meat and milk these days.
  3. Try something new – go for a pair that may have a higher price tag… they just may work…. Right?

Wrong! I FINALLY found panties that work! I could shout it from the roof tops: My Undies Are Not Going Up My Bum OR Falling To My Ankles!

What are these fabulous, magical undergarments from the gods you ask??? Well, I will share this secret with you:

GapBody Low Rise Stretch Cotton Hipster – 5 for $25

These days, its the same victories.



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