Scary Movie Friday

Some how, some way, I made it through today. It was full of full at work (if you know what I mean), and a bucket of discomfort. I was super happy to get home!! Me time.

I was going to take my meds, rest and watch a movie. The best laid plans – blah, blah, blah and all that. I managed to fall in the most peculiar way that I not only roughed up the front of one knee and the back of the other but I am pretty sure I am going to be one sore bunny in the morning…

So what goes great with discomfort and pain? You guessed it! Scary movie time!

I really wanted to see “Hellraiser” because of the nifty box replica from the aforementioned movie pictured below…but it wasn’t in the cards, so I have watched “The Descent”. Holy crap! Way creepier than I anticipated. Lots of quick thrills and chills and the somewhat (impossible if you ask me) expected twist at the end. There was one moment that startled me so badly that I nearly sucked all the oxygen out of the house.

So I give it for entertainment value – and should make for easy sleeping!

“the box, you opened it, we came…”



2 responses to “Scary Movie Friday

  1. I’m sorry you fell 😦 hope you don’t feel too bad tomorrow. I can’t watch scary movies, I’m a wuss so I spent the evening watching Avatar with Venessa. Yay, cartoons! (and not said in a sarcastic way, Avatar is really really good!)

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