Three for Thursdays! 8.4.2011

You know when you are feel badly, there is precious little that will bring you comfort.  This week’s “Three for Thursday”  is about the things that bring me comfort when I am feeling my most worst.

Let me just say that, typically, I am feel my worst in regards to what the endometriosis or the (supposed) neuropathy are doing to me.  I guess I could also throw in the laundry list of drugs and assorted medications they put me on and what they do to me.  Well, for that matter – I guess to cover all bases – it would be what the continual pain, lack of sleep, drug trials, doctor run arounds, emotional drain do to me.  Yesterday was a combination of everything when I thought up this week’s list.  And yes – my husband is really ALWAYS #1 on every list – but I thought I would change it up a bit this week.

Here we go!

#1 – My puppy Pixie.  She seems to know when I am feeling my worst and always just wants to cuddle and make be feel better.  She will just lay there and let me pet her to get my mind off the pain.  By this point I am surprised she has all her fur on both sides – hopefully we won’t be calling her “Baldy” any time soon.

#2 – My heating pad.  Any girl with endo will tell you a heating pad is one of the most important items you need to go into battle – other then your spork!  I am currently padding with the XL Sun Bean with the “Superr Sofft” plush washable cover.  Its pretty fancy, just like me.

#3 – My bed -or- as I typically refer to it – Bed.  Sometimes nothing feels better then just laying down.  I know that the pain in my pelvic region is aggravated by 2 things – sitting in a chair for long periods and standing.  Lucky for me my desk job does not require either.  Caught me – that’s a big fat lie.  So you can see why I like Bed so much.

Below is a picture of this week’s Three for Thursday.  What are things that make you happy when you hurt?


2 responses to “Three for Thursdays! 8.4.2011

  1. Batts, candy, BeanDog.

  2. Silence, quiet and no noise… I’m the type that wants to be left alone when in pain.

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