Deep South Summer Night

Sometimes, the summer will just get to you. You will step outside and feel enveloped in a wet, hot blanket.

It’s this type of night that makes me wonder how (and why) people ever thought it was a good idea to explore and settle Florida.  It is hard to imagine trudging through the jungle-like undergrowth to see what hot mess was just around the bend… with no AC or bug spray.

I make it through these nights knowing that I am steps away from cool, dry, insect free air. Those explorers just must have been heartier folk then me.

Sometimes, the pain will just get to you. You will find yourself awake and enveloped in a pain that is a knife in your gut and lightning down you leg.

It’s these pain filled nights that make me wonder how (and why) I am expected to go through this. To lay in my sleepless bed and know that this may be the best I can expect for the day. To know that any step could cause a wall of pain.

You could get through these if there was a pill to stop the pain. But there isn’t.  You just have to get through it.  But then I realise – I am heartier folk. I will trudge through this hot mess to see what is around the next bend.

I am heartier folk and I will make it through this deep south, southern night.



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