Three for Thursday! (7.28.2011)

This week my “Three for Thursday” are things I am lucky to have.  Even though it is tough going (especially on days they take 8 vials of blood) it is important to remember there are lucky things I have in my life.

#1 – I am lucky to have my husband.  He will always be number one.  I won’t bore you with the details – but it is a deserved ranking.  I will also lump my awesome furry children in this category too.  They continuously make me laugh and still love me even if I am crying.

#2 – I am lucky to have my good friends, all near and far.   It is good knowing that even though it has become easy for me to lose touch with people, that I have people who care enough not to lose touch with me.  I am also lucky that people who do not know me well still feel confident enough in me to turn to me for guidance.  That is one of the biggest compliments one person can show another… and I am lucky to have had that.

#3 – Health Insurance! I can not even begin to guess how much all my medical bills would be at this time.  In the past year I have had 3 surgeries, 1 hospital stay, countless diagnosis test, 3 “in office” procedures, and too numerous to calculate lab tests.  I know it is hard to just pay down the hospital/doctor bills I have now – but to not have insurance?  It’s a scary thought!  I am very lucky to have it!

I think it is easy with everything that goes on in our lives to forget to stop and take stock of all we have that is good.  Good is good – we all need to remember that!  Now go be lucky!


One response to “Three for Thursday! (7.28.2011)

  1. And I’m lucky for getting to know you! Hang in there and keep up the great work on your blog 🙂

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