Three for Thursdays 07.21.2011

#1 – Mackin’ Cheese from local restaurant Food Glorious Food.

This was such a yummy lunch treat today! This is a new twist on your mac & cheese favorite! It is spiral pasta with BACON, collared greens and 4 kinds of cheese – including asiago cheese. When I saw it on the menu I was only thinking for a comfort food. As you can see, I got that and a WHOLE lot more thus making it my #1 for this Thursday’s favorites. Just thing this – if pasta and bacon were to have a one night stand on a bed of collared greens – THIS would be the resulting love child. SO GOOD!

#2 – Possible End to the NFL Lockout

I may be a girl – but I still enjoy football! I lived outside Detroit as a little girl and my first sporting event was a Lion’s game…. I have been hooked since. I like to watch the NFL channel because I know what I am going to get; football, and that’s it. There is not going to be any murders, kidnapping, hostages, stock market plunges – just football. But I am ready to start hearing about the 2011 season! So the possible end to the lock out today makes me a happy camper!

#3 – Realizing tomorrow is FRIDAY!

I literally just realized tomorrow is Friday! It has been seemingly extra long week for me. Monday I dropped and broke several bowls on separate occasions for no apparent reason. Of course this “drops” resulted in messes that needed to be cleaned up. While I do have the world’s best husband who was going to take care of it I still felt the need to help – which led me to crawling around and my hands and knees. Clearly, this was not a good idea considering I spent Tuesday in agonizing pain and have not been able to sleep well since. Endometriosis truly is a pain! My big plans for the weekend = resting!


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