True to Life Pain Scale

Have you ever noticed how the “face” pain scales just do not make any sense?  I have noticed this especially when I am in pain.  Sometimes they seem more like a slap in the face – like mister “have a nice day” got rained on and has wet shoes.  At that point why not  start using ice cream scoops for the severity of the pain.   “Boy I tell ya, my pain is at a triple decker today!”

Below is a chartwithdescriptions that I feel work out better, at least for me.

I am happy to say that I have never been to “Too Serious for Numbers”.

0 = All is clear, running on all cylinders without problem

1 = Hey there, what’s that?  Oh well.

2 = OK, I felt something that could become comfortable at some point

3 = There it was again, still do not like it.

4 = Yep, that is definite pain.

5 = Hey – its back.  And it has a friend, neither are nice.

6 = There is definitely a disturbance in the force.

7 = This is already uncomfortable and now I have jumpy leg syndrome to off set my brain from noticing.

8 = WOW – this is not cool, I need drugs.

9 = Please, no one touch me.

10 = I need full sedation to survive.

11 = No speech or other communication possible just searing, complete pain.

Too Serious for Numbers = I will not recover – ever.  Praying for a quick death.


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