Mermaid Tears

My neurologist recently changed my nerve pain medicine from Neurontin to Lyrica. The good news is that it should hopefully be better though. more expensive. The bad news, I went from a full dose of nerve pain meds to a 1/4 dose. Needless to say the past few days have been zero to negative fun and have seen the need to increase the Tramadol.

This weekend has been a slow one… I maybe have a few hours at a time to do something. Due to the time constraint limitations, I decided to do a little something for me = pedicure time to brighten a painful, rainy Saturday.

Since I had my hysterectomy surgery and subsequent neuropathy, bending over to “do” my toe nails hurts – a lot. I try to think of going for pedicures as this wonderful bonus I have gained since my surgeries and loss of my girlie bits.

So while perusing the wall of nail polish I fall in love with wonderful color called Mermaid Tears. Now not only am I being drawl to this soft, sea form teal but it’s name. Mermaid tears – there is something about this name that just has hold of me for some reason.  It keeps sending off a buzz to my brain while I stare at the nail polish in my hand.  Not only most I have these mermaid tears on my toes – but now my finger nails too!  Once the pedicurist is at the finishing point, I ask if they have a bottle of this polish for sale – and they do!

It finally came to me that a mermaid crying is so intriguing to my imagination because it so beautifully tragic. It parallels where I feel I am right now…. This beautiful life I have have with my caring husband and this life I can not participate in due to pain. It may be sad, but still shines such beauty… Just like mermaid tears.



One response to “Mermaid Tears

  1. It’s a beautiful color and I hope you’ll be able to wipe the tears away soon and enjoy life without the pain.

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