Nothing Happy Can Follow the Word Infestation ….

Have you ever noticed that there are some words that are up to no good?  You just know when you are reading and run into one of these words that things are about to go downhill, fast.  Everyone has their own mental list of these words and today I will share one of mine with you:


Infestation has long been associatedwithinsects in my brain.  Maybe it is because they kind of rhyme together.  Maybe it is because they both begin “in”.   Who knows – the simple fact of the matter is that infestations have never been linked to happy, fluffy, sun shiny things.

Have you ever heard of a cupcake infestations?  (I could only hope!)

How about a money infestation?  (THAT would be nice!)

Ever had an infestation of good health?  (I think not!)

This all leads me back to think about endometriosis.  Once you have a basic understanding of what it is – you know that it is just tissue – multiplying in the wrong areas – eating up available real estate in a body cavity.  THEN, if you suffer from it, and really think about it, you think INFESTATION. 

Endometriosis tissue is not supposed to be anywhere but inside your uterus – and for sure not anywhere that it causes pain, scar tissue and legions.  It is infesting other parts of your body and even though extreme measures are taken to remove all of this tissue – if there is just one little speck left over – it can again infest your body.

You would thinkwithall the pest control ads and sprays that someone would come upwitha way to control this infestation… or at least give those who suffer from in a money infestation too!


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