I Told You it Hurt!

This week marks one year from my first endometriosis surgery.   It did not start out as an endometriosis surgery, it was suppose to be a quick in and out to get a pedunculated tumor from my left ovary.  What I woke up to was a big surprise… the first thing I hear is my surgeon saying to my husband:

“…we are going to have to go back in and remove part of her large intestine too…  With it this advanced it would have been painful for years – hasn’t she complained?”

At this point I felt it necessary to pipe up withmy two cents, “I TOLD YOU IT HURT!”

I really do have the best husband.  This whole thing is very fuzzy, but I just remember him explaining that my pain threshold is higher – and what is a 6 for me is a 9 for others and so on.    The conversation between the surgeon and my husband continued but I decided it was nap time.

At some point, I got the intel that I had endometriosis.  Honestly, I had only heard of it a couple months before – from a pamphlet they gave my at the doctor’s office discussing pelvic pain.  As I am sure most people have experienced, you may sometimes have a quick wait time in the main waiting area of a doctor’s office before you are called back, but the wait in that little creepy room they stick you in after that can be an eternity.  This creepy little cell had floral wallpaper – and lots of it.  Thankfully, I had reading material in the form of several pamphlets the nurse had given to me before locking me in.  I dutifully spent my time reading them.  I recall reading about endometriosis then… a horrible, painful disease that has no cure.  At the time I thought to myself “Thank God I don’t have that!  That would really, really suck!  I just here for a fibroid cyst or something like that – phew!”

As I laid in bed recovering from that surgery I kept thinking of the pamphlet and how horrible that disease sounded.  Maybe my husband and my friend heard the doctor wrong.  Maybe he said something that sounded like that but is something that has a better outcome.  I dragged my self to the computer and googled “e-n-d-o” hoping for something to pop up that wasn’t as bad.  What I learned is: #1 – confirmed previous knowledge for the prefix meaning “within” and #2 – there are a crap ton of things that startwith“endo”.

My post-op appointment was a week away.  There was just no way I was going to be able to survive not knowing what the hell was going onwithmy girlie bits.  I broke down and called the doctor’s office…. And of course that day he was in surgery.  I left a message that morning knowing it would be a least another day before I know anything concrete.  Surprisingly I received a call from him during a break between surgeries.  He explained that I did indeed have endometriosis that it was advanced and I did have a couple options that we could discuss at my appointment.

The knowledge did make me feel better.  It took away some of the fear and uncertainty.  It was at that time I decided to let it be for just then.  I needed to rest; after all I just had surgery.

Little did I know, it was the calm before the storm.


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