My story – the quick and ugly version

and GO!  March 2010
–> pain that feels like a kidney stone in my bladder (no biggie, I’ll just pass it)
–> + one week, still have pain and have not passed anything
–> trip to primary physician
–> off to CT Scan
–> off to urologist
–> found a mass near an ovary AND a kidney stone in my kidney
–> off to gynecologist
–> 1st it is a stuck unfertilized, it will pass
–> SHOCKER, it doesn’t pass
–> off for a pelvic sonogram (NO comment), then a contrast CT scan
–> 2nd its a pedactulated tumor on my left ovary (look it up)
–> lets go get it –> found 2 tumors AND stage four endometriosis (I told you it hurt)
–> tissue damage to girlie bits too extensive

Ohhh, the fight is ON!

–> hysterectomy to remove endo and try to clean up my kidneys and large intestine from the legions
–> HOLY CRAP months of sucky recovery
–> still have the pain
–> another surgery to look for scar tissue
–> found two more cysts
–> still have pain plus a great new pain that shots down my left leg and makes my foot numb
–> off to neurologist –> tested for MS
–> confirmed I have a Brain!!! –> no MS
–> put on strong nerve medicine that is used for seizures & a long term pain killer
–> nerve pain shooting down my leg has subside, but I still have the original pain.
NOW 7/2011 still have original pain!!

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