Bad, Bad Blogger (part 1)

It has been a very busy, very crazy 2012. As a result of this circus, I have neglected my writing.

We lost my father in law just after my last post. It was sudden, scary and painful all around. I was unable to travel the 12+ hours due to my endo and neuropathy. Because the the situation didn’t suck bad enough, I had to send my husband on that trip by himself. Needless to say I have never been so angry at myself and my disease as I was that long week that I was alone. I spent my time grieving for much more than the loss of a beloved father in law. Time marched on and so did my pain.

I was scheduled to have a nerve stimulator put in July this past summer. Unfortunately, my husband’s job was eliminated and in turn, so was our health insurance. I was crushed. Not only for the loss of opportunity to live a better life but also the pain my husband endured with the loss of his job. He was given warning, no chance to change to another position. Once again shown how uncaring and dismissive the company I once worked for was. Put simply & crudely – they can suck my ass.

After fear, concern and several distant job interviews, my husband was offered 2 jobs in the Raleigh/Durham area. So Durham is where we landed.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the sporkfight circus….


My Get Up and Go

Unable to motivate myself today. It is a cold rainy day in Florida. I have 4 little cuddlers in bed with me & a 6.75 on the pain scale. Must remember not to scrub bathroom floor on hands & knees. I have found that weather changes also increase the endometriosis and neuropathy pain.

I was going to go to the gym for the first time today, but I don’t want to make it worse. I also don’t want to risk making the gym a big negative in my head because I decide to go and make myself hurt more.

I know I have been neglecting my sporkfight as of late. Sadly since the loss of job & work laptop I have had a tough time sitting at the PC. Hopefully I will be able to rectify the situation after my tax refund. *fingers crossed*


2 Guns, Wicker Man & Small Victories

My first trip away from my home in almost 2 years started out wonderfully! The roads were clear, the weather was nice and I remembered how to sing at the top of my lungs to the Smiths. Surprisingly, I even remembered all the words. As you probably understand, traveling on highways for long periods of time my ones self can tend to get a bit boring. So, I tried to make up games to play while singing at the top of my lungs for entertainment.

My first game was “Find the Weirdest Thing”. I started really looking around and decided that I-10 is a bit barren and probably had to do more than one game at a time. SO – I started also looking for “The Cutest Thing I See”. It was cute that I found first. While passing a truck towing a wooden and metal pen I saw a mother goat nursing her little kids. They were a furry and cuddly and seemed to be enjoying the trip. Shortly after I found the winner of the other game…

I came upon a big RV that looked like it had a bunch of Blair Witch bundles attached to the back. It was still fairly far away so it could be that it was something less creepy. The closer I got, the more my first impression seemed to be right. There seemed to be several grotesque trees that had been pulled out of the ground with roots dangling. Tied to the top of these trees were bundles of dry sticks. What made it even creepier was that while I passed the front of this RV I caught a glimpse of the driver. He was a withered looking man with a hat on his head and twiggy fingers gripping the steering wheel. All I could imagine for miles was… The Wicker Man!

It was at this point I decided that The Smiths had to go and be replaced with something a bit more peppy.

With the Stray Cats blazing I continued on. It wasn’t until 2 hours into my journey that the pain became more demanding of my thoughts. I tried my best to fanagle the car seat to get more comfortable. I was not going to give up fighting. In the end, I went with a low-lean rider approach. Tilted back and arms extending to the steering wheel I continued on south. By the time I got to my parent’s house I never wanted to sit again. The pain was certainly ramped up and nearly sprang from my car when I got there.

After the initial hugs and greetings I realized that the pain was so much that I was starting to shoot down my leg and make my foot numb. I decided to eat, take another tramadol and lay down. After a 2 hour nap I was able to socialile and eat dinner with my parents. I even made it to their friend’s house to celebrate a birthday!

It may not seem like it to others – but this was such a victory for me! I kept to my guns and I was able to over come the fear of the pain and take a road trip! It really hurt, like I feared it would – but I was able to motor on!

Endometrosis may plaque me with pain but I was able to tell it how I feel by taking this trip.

Endo – you can SUCK IT!


Road Trip!

Today I am doing the impossible! Or at least it was the impossible a year ago.
I am actually going to get in my car and take a road trip!

I have not been away from my home city in almost 3 years. My endometriosis and resulting neuropathy have left me stuck here. A town may not be able to physically hold someone hostage, but has been starting to feel that way.

I am going to go visit my parents about 3+ hours away. I have a lot of things running through my head:

  • Will I be crippled with pain at some point on the drive?
  • What will my parents think when they see me post 4+ surgeries? I have gained weight and wrinkles.
  • Will the pain get me back tomorrow?

I currently don’t know the answers to any of these. I only know – I’m excited, ROAD TRIP!


Be Careful What You Wish For…

So yes, it has been a bit since I have added something new and sporkfight has become a wee bit neglected…

I have be so busy with my new job!  Honestly, I went in hoping for just a part time job… something to make a bit of money to help with bills so I would not feel guilty about working,  I really, really wanted to work at one of my favorite stores.

I went into the interview with fingers crossed and hoping I could get one of the part time seasonal postions and knock their socks off to keep it into the new year.  Here it comes –

Be careful what you wish for.  Not only did I get a part time job, but becasue of all my “experience” I also am now a “Part Time Asst. Manager”.  Ok, not too bad, right?  Still part time – give my body time to rest.  Still have time to clean and make dinner and see my husband.  In theory – this job is great.  In theory.

Just one little thing – Holiday Season.  The two little words that strike fear into the hearts of mall workers everywhere!  And now my part tine job has been scheduled for 38 hours this week.  On my feet, bending, leaning, kneeling, lifting.  WOW!  I am tired.  So far I am making it – but there a little warning signs:

  1. Pain in the morning
  2. Pain when stepping on my left foot
  3. The electrical shock on my inner thigh (neuropathy)
  4. And of course, the internal stabbing (endo)
I am making it – barely.  I have already mentioned it to my boss – but hopefully once we have the store all set for the holidays my hours can be cut back a bit.  I would hate to lose something I am so excited to have.                                                                                                                                                                       So now I am crossing my fingers to get less hours – we shall see.  Happy to have a job.  Happy to be doing it well.  Hoping to keep my body from attacking me.                                                                                                                                 Be careful what you wish for.  

Short and Sweet

I have a job! I received the call this afternoon!

It is part-time so I can keep healing and NO sitting! Woohoo! I am excited and hope all the walking around will help me lose some of the weight from the hysterectomy and the medications.

I start next Monday! No more daily tea parties for me!



Hotflashes + Pain = Grumpy


Inflammatory Post!

Below is my (edited) inflammatory post from last week.  It was only meant to describe how I felt about having to leave my job and what I saw as possibilities.  It caused so many issues it was ridiculous.  I ended up deleting numerous “friends” from my Facebook because I did not know who would use my words against me and my family.  I decided to repost an edited version to share my thoughts and what I see for my possible future.  They are my thoughts and feelings and I will not be scared to share them!

Sometimes we all need a little push to get us going in the direction we are meant to go. I had my little push last Friday (9/23) – too bad it was off a cliff. Last week I lost my job of 10 years under ridiculous circumstances. I really didn’t know how to react, yes I was very sad and upset but there was something else too, maybe it was relief.

So – I find myself unemployed. It is hard to know how to react now, I have seen friends and family go through this. They all seem to get upset, mad, vengeful, depressed. I feel almost guilty to say I am happy. I am happy I am no longer there. I am happy to not be yelled at by customers. (edited removal) I am happy to not to have to make employees mind what they say when they are upset and feel they are justified. (edited removal)  I am happy not to be trapped at a desk for 9+ hours a day – too busy to get up and go to lunch. I am happy not to come home at night and on the weekends and start working again. (edit removal) I am happy to not hear the things I was hearing and NOT hearing.

I wake up in the morning and now there is no sense of impending doom. I never knew how negatively it mad me feel. God only knows how it made my endometriosis react. While I still have pain, I am able to go lay down for 20 minutes or so until if feels better. It has not been unbearable this week – and to me that is a miracle!

My life is full of possibilities – I could go and work anywhere I want. I don’t have to go into the same field, I can go do something else! I don’t have to work behind a desk – I could go work where I actually help people and feel like I accomplish something.  (edited removal) I could get all my knitting in order and start an Etsy shop. I am free to go find me – and to do what will make me happy and keep me healthy.

(new)My husband has been absolutely wonderful during this – even when the original version of this post was “tattling fodder” and spread like wildfire.

(new) Sadly, people I thought were my friends were not – and I had to remove so many people from my contacts just to make sure.  But all of life is a learning lesson, right?

I am happy that I got my push-off a cliff – and happier that I landed on a great big mound of possibilities and happiness! When I turn to look back – that cliff was just a stumble!


Morning Joe


I’m up – I blame the kitties.

Just Have To…

I need to write, daily, I just have to. I write to get it out – it helps me feel better and get rid of things that are bothering me. Going through endo is lonely and scary – then put unbelievable pain on top of it.

I first I slowed down because I was recovering from the second epidural and I was a bit down because it did not help as much as I hoped.

Then I didn’t want to write because I was embarrassed that I am currently unemployed.

Finally, it was time to write last Friday. I spoke of losing my job and how it made me feel and the possibilities I now see.

I don’t know who, I don’t know why, but a former coworker sent the blog to my former boss. Needless to say it caused issues.

I don’t know who did this BUT I do know that you don’t read this blog because you care about me and my life with endometriosis.

So, to the ass hat who feels the need to tattle:

I am sure that there are other things you could do with your time then read the blog of someone you don’t like… So do those things instead.

And to all those those it passed to because of gossip and hearsay:

Thanks! You nearly tripled my average page views – now, get back to work!